Sahalie Falls, OR

It was the first night of my first ever photography retreat. I had gone with a good bunch of the girls to visit this amazing hot spring right next to a freezing cold river. You could say that it was fate we would meet Clint & Erin here because we had originally planned to go to a different hot spring location, but there had been a mudslide earlier that week that prevented us from going there. So we intruded their space in the hot spring and got to talking. It didn’t take long for one of the photographers in the group to suggest a photo shoot and to our great surprise, the couple said yes!! The next morning, we traveled a little ways away to Sahalie Falls and it was STRAIGHT MAGIC. The colors, the mist from the waterfall, and two people so caught up in one another that they didn’t mind all of us taking their picture. Such a great memory.

Anja Jensen